Partner with Mosaic

Mosaic seeks long-term, mutually respective partnerships with the founders and senior management of our portfolio companies. Mosaic offers its portfolio companies strategic, business, financial, human resources, accounting, and legal expertise, while, at the same time, giving these companies’ management teams the autonomy to continue to operate their businesses.

In addition, we strongly encourage the management teams of our operating companies to continue to look for acquisitions that would facilitate their entry into new markets or increase their product or service offerings, geographic expansion or vertical integration.

We are actively looking to acquire majority equity positions in businesses across a variety of industries that fit our investment model. Our preferred acquisition criteria for such transactions include the following:

  • Demonstrated history of growing sustainable cash flow
  • A strong management team that wants to remain meaningfully engaged in the business
  • Operating in a non-cyclical, defensive industry and with a sustainable market niche
  • Ability to grow the business without significant amounts of new capital

Interested in speaking with us about your company? If you are a business owner who wants to work with the experts at Mosaic Capital to maximize your company's value, we invite you to contact:

Cam Deller
Vice President, Corporate Development


Bassi Construction

Bassi Construction is an Ottawa-based, commercial construction company. As a multi-discipline firm, its key divisions include commercial tenant fit-up projects and restoration, concrete remediation, fire and flood reclamation, specialty construction-related situations and project management.

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Cedar Infrastructure Products

Cedar Infrastructure Products is a distributor of municipal iron castings, concrete pipe, pre-cast products and related specialty items to service the road, water and sewer infrastructure and residential construction industries. Based in Ontario, Cedar serves a broad group of contractors and municipalities in the greater Toronto area and southwestern Ontario regions.

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Circle 5 Tool & Mold

Circle 5 Tool & Mold is a world-class supplier of molding solutions to Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturers. The company offers custom, high-precision molds and tools for plastic injection production of highly-visible interior automotive components.

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Mackow Industries

Mackow Industries is a Winnipeg-based, full-service specialty metal fabrication company. It specializes in internal tool-and-die manufacturing, as well as design and process development. Its primary client base includes major manufacturers servicing the North American transportation industry.

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