Investment Highlights

Diversified Portfolio of Established Businesses
Mosaic is a diversified investment company that makes long-term investments in mid-market companies. Mosaic currently owns a diversified portfolio of seven established businesses that have a history of generating sustainable cash flow from their operations in niche markets.

Strategically Positioned in Western Canada
Mosaic’s portfolio includes companies that conduct business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and south western Ontario. The companies operate in the oil and gas and industrial services, infrastructure, real estate, printing and technology industries.

Disciplined Acquisition and Investment Criteria
Mosaic actively looks for businesses in a variety of industries that fit its investment criteria. Mosaic’s acquisition criteria includes: (i) demonstrated history of growing sustainable cash flow and operating in an industry which Mosaic believes has good growth potential; (ii) a capable and experienced management team that is growth oriented; (iii) a business with significant market share in its business area; (iv) a business with a competitive advantage; and (v) an ability to grow the business without significant amounts of new capital.

Growth Opportunities
Management actively seeks businesses in a variety of industries that fit its investment criteria, and believes it will continue to attract new business owners by offering them the opportunity to monetize existing wealth and gain access to growth capital while still maintaining an active role in the business.