Invest in Mosaic

Mosaic grows free cash flow per share by acquiring and nurturing well-managed companies that are leaders in the markets in which they operate. We look for great management teams we can partner with to continue to grow our underlying businesses. We invest with an unlimited investment horizon and only acquire businesses that we believe have strong long-term growth outlooks. We provide strategic, operational, financial, accounting and legal expertise to each business’s management team while giving them the autonomy to continue to operate the business. To summarize, we are focused on a number of key objectives:

  • To grow free cash flow per share and retained earnings by acquiring and growing a diversified portfolio of private businesses
  • To deploy capital at valuations that provide a margin of safety
  • To maintain a strong balance sheet and take a long-term approach to shareholder value creation

Unlike other private equity models, our model is designed to grow our portfolio companies for the long term. Our goal is simple and authentic: to help businesses reach their full potential and reward patient investors.