Business owners

Partnering with Mosaic Capital

With over 100 years of combined experience and involvement in billions of dollars’ worth of transactions, Mosaic Capital’s management team is growing through the acquisition of the right businesses with great management teams. Mosaic provides the companies we acquire with strategic, business, financial, human resource, accounting, and legal expertise, while, at the same time, giving these companies’ management teams the autonomy to continue to operate their businesses.

In addition, we strongly encourage the management teams of our operating companies to continue to look for acquisitions that would facilitate their entry into new markets or increase their product or service offerings, geographic expansion, vertical integration, or horizontal growth. We are actively looking for businesses in a variety of industries that fit our investment model. Our preferred acquisition criteria for such transactions would include the following:

  • Demonstrated history of growing sustainable cash flow
  • A capable management team that is interested in growth and that operates in an industry with good growth potential
  • Significant market share, either within the industry as a whole or in a sustainable market niche
  • Ability to grow the business without significant amounts of new capital

Every situation is unique and we work with business owners to find a solution that fits their needs, whether through an outright purchase, a partnership with Mosaic, a reorganization, a management buyout, succession planning, or any other investment-related opportunity.