Mosaic Capital Corporation is a Calgary-based investment company that owns a portfolio of established businesses. These are companies that generate strong, sustainable cash flow from their operations in niche markets. Mosaic Capital’s portfolio of businesses operate in the infrastructure, printing, oil and gas services, technology, and real estate industries.

Mosaic Capital was formed in May 2011 through a $91.5 million dollar merger transaction with Mosaic Diversified Income Fund and First West Properties Ltd. Both these companies had been managed by Mosaic Capital’s management team.

Mosaic’s management team aligns itself with business owners and shareholders through its ownership of 51% of Mosaic’s common shares and through being the largest holders of Mosaic’s preferred securities. Our primary focus is increasing shareholder value by growing free cash flow per share. We do that by acquiring businesses with:

  • Demonstrated history of free cash flow of between $3 – $10 million per annum
  • Durable competitive advantage that operate in industries that we believe have strong long-term prospects
  • Ongoing participation of senior personnel – often these teams become our partners in the business
  • The ability to grow the business without requiring significant amounts of new capital